Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Update on BWN legislation

As of now, there are BWN bills pending in both houses of congress.  HR 969, the BWN Act in the House, currently has 333 cosponsors out of 435 total Representatives.  Can you tell it is an election year?

In the Senate, S.681 has 44 cosponsors out of 100 Senators.  Obviously it is an election year, and both houses are in recess during the Conventions.  They will return sometime later in the summer to get a little done before the Election. 

Also in the Senate, section 522 of the Military and VA Construction Bill [HR 4974] is still alive.  Section 522 is a short but effective version of the BWN bills added to this Construction Appropriations bill as an amendment as a means to get it passed.  After it was successfully added to the House version of  of HR 4974 and that bill was passed, it was sent to the Senate.  The Senate called for a conference committee as there was disagreement about some things in the bill.  The Conference committee stripped the BWN amendment [Section 522] among others.  However, after the House agreed to the changes, the bill failed in the Senate.  That means it reverts to the version first passed by the House.  Section 522 is still in the bill. 

Best course of action for all you BWN Veterans is to grab your Senator by the lapels as he is electioneering back in your state, and tell him his political life will end unless that bill gets passed!   Make him prove the added cosponsors are not just election year posturing. 

If 20 of you can be successful at this with Senators who are not yet cosponsors, there will be majority support -- overwhelming majority support, in both houses and the bill should pass.  Remind your Senator you know how to find out how he voted. 

Attention on deck!  Now, turn to!


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