Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Update on H.R. 4974

You can see a copy of the text of this enormous bill at this website.  You need to scroll all the way down almost to the bottom to get to Section 522.  That is the amendment that was added to the bill just before passage in the House.  We now wait to see what the House-Senate Conference committee will do to the bill to reconcile it with the bill the Senate passed earlier, which does not contain our amendment. 

Given the fact that the BWN bill in the House is still gaining bipartisan cosponsors [323 at last count], there may be no great interest in stripping Section 522 from this appropriations bill.

Hang on, and get to both of your Senators to bring them on board to get this thing enacted! 

It's been 14 years since the VA unilaterally removed the BWN from presumptive exposure to tactical herbicides and 8 long years since the first attempt at a restoration bill was sent to Committee.  That is far to long to wait for justice, but wait we must until the Appropriations bill passes the Senate with the amendment intact. 


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