Thursday, June 11, 2015

FRA Needs your help on BWN issue

Once again the good folks at the Fleet Reserve Association have pulled a rabit out of the hat.  Here is their scoop:
Support NDAA Amendment for Blue Water Navy/Agent Orange Presumption - Help Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans!

Senator Steve Daines (Mt.) has filed an amendment to the Senate Defense Authorization bill (S. 1376) that would expand the Agent Orange presumption for VA disability claims to include ships that were in the territorial waters of the Republic of Vietnam.

Please use the Action Center to ask your Senators to support this amendment.
What this means is the the bill currently in Congress, in both Houses, is in competition with the National Defense Authorization Act [NDAA] in regards to the BWN.  Both the House and Senate Versions and the amendment added to the NDAA will result in the same thing when passed.  

But the faster route, and the surer route, is as an amendment to the NDAA.  Please use the link in the text above to contact your Senators to get them to support this amendment and the NDAA. 

Note: The NDAA is the budget for the Defense Department [and some sections of the Department of Veterans Affairs] for the next fiscal year.  It is a heavy hitter and usually passes without too much difficulty, even in a divided Congress.  National Defense almost always trumps partisan politics. 

You can help the Fleet Reserve Association even more by joining if you are not already a member.  And you should be a member.  No one has worked harder that the FRA on the Blue Water Navy issue. 

Do yourself a favor: Join today at


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