Thursday, May 23, 2013

American Heroes COLA Act [HR 570]

Representative Jon Runyan [R-NJ 3] has introduced a bill that keeps the Annual COLAs for VA Benefits permanently tied to the Social Security increases, not the “Chained CPI” COLAs that some in Congress want to impose.  Runyan, a long-time All-Pro offensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles, introduced the bill in February of this year, and on Tuesday, May 21st it was passed by the US House and now goes to the Senate. 

We have added a link to the Veterans Legislation of Note list near the top of the right column.   Click the link there to read the bill and to check its progress. 

Keep up with this one.  The Chained CPI would cut annual increases by more than half of the little bit now added.  For example, if we were fortunate enough to get a 3.5% COLA next year because that is  the amount that Social Security will be increased, if the Chained CPI is put in place to determine COLAs, it would be about 1.2%. 

Urge your Senators to get this passed ASAP!


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