Friday, November 23, 2012

Possible cure for PTSD

 First, this is not an advertisement.  Nor is it a come-on for some investment scheme.  As far as we can tell this is a fully legitimate discovery.  The results are stunning, and the recovery occurs within minutes of the injection.  In some few cases it requires a second injection, but for the most part it is once and done. 

We came across this article on a cure for PTSD and think it worthy of checking out if you suffer from such problems.   We do not know if this is a cure for only one type of PTSD [it apparently does not work in all cases, but has shown an 80% effective rate], nor do we know if it is a permanent cure or not, since it is so new.  Even if it is only a temporary cure, the opportunity to get relief cannot be passed up, and perhaps a later injection would have the same success, and maybe for a longer period of time.  We have no idea if this is used in conjunction with psychological counseling, or other medications but think that if it did, the article would mention it. 

Please visit this article - Doctor: Injection can 'cure' PTSD in Veterans.

If you or a loved one suffers from this horrible injury please get in touch with this doctor.  There really is no need for you and those around you to suffer any longer.   


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