Monday, September 24, 2012

Movement in the Senate

Senate Bill 3457, the Veterans Job Corps Act of 2007 is a bill that proposes almost a billion dollars to be spent hiring and training returning Veterans for positions as police, firemen, first responders, and so on.  We support this bill as a good thing, and sensible, too. 

A short while ago Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Agent Orange Equity Act of 2011 was rolled into S.3457 as an amendment.  Since the bill did not appear to be going anywhere it was likely a good idea for the Senator from New York to offer the language of S.1629 as an amendment to the Veterans Job Corps Act. 

To the best of our understanding, the Senate Democrats tried to get S.3457 through early last week by moving for cloture, which ends debate and sets the bill for a vote. Because of the overall cost of this bill being well over a billion dollars, many Senators argued against cloture.  They wanted the option to debate the amendments and perhaps add to them, change them or remove them.  Eventually, the cloture motion was withdrawn by Senator Reid, and the bill was returned to the calendar [a good thing, meaning it will be considered again].  While there was some partisanship involved in the cloture debate, many Republicans crossed the aisle to support the cloture motion.

That said, the Senate and the House will go into recess next week to go home for the election.

Things are up in the air after that.

We expect that if the amendment survives further debate on the bill, and the bill is enacted, then it will likely go to the house for debate and reconciliation [making the language the same in both houses by a joint conference committee], and passage sometime after the election.

While there is no targeted Senate adjournment date for this session of Congress, the House lists December 14th as their date for adjournment.  Figure on that date, or something near that date, being our deadline.

After that, if not enacted, we are back to ground zero.

The alternate bill, Bob Filner's HR 812, which is the third incarnation in five years of the same bill, does not appear to do anything for the Blue Water Navy, since it does not have anything in its language that indicates a change in the definition of service in Vietnam, but DOES add language to make those who served on Guam and Okinawa, and Johnston Island, to be eligible for benefits. We have refused to support this bill since it does not move our specific cause forward.

What can you do?  You can go see your Senators and Representative at their local offices in your state starting October 8 and grab them by the lapels and give them a lesson in history and medicine, and tell them they need to stop leaving us behind.  Tell them to drop the Territorial Waters part and go to the Vietnam Service Medal as the qualifier for presumptive exposure eligibility.  This gets Blue Water Navy and Thailand, Laos and Cambodia Veterans finally eligible.  Make it clear to them this will not make any difference in cost because of administrative savings in the VA's claims process.  Territorial Waters will require long claims processes, while using the VSM will be a short process, easily handled by the claims people.  It will actually reduce the long term backlog in the VA’s claims processing system!

That is what you can do.  This is the last gasp.  Whatever you have left, put it into an effort to do the above.

Good luck and good hunting.  Turn to!


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