Thursday, May 03, 2012

Sweepers! Man your brooms! Clean Sweep down fore and aft!

That wonderful, efficient, Veteran-loving outfit we all know and love as the Department of Veterans Affairs has issued an Agent Orange Alert for all Vietnam Veterans that they may be susceptible to Hepatitis-C.

Ummm…why don’t they simply add it to the list of diseases? Obviously the disease is occurring in sufficient numbers to warrant an alert, which should be enough to add it to the list! Or does that make just a little bit too much sense?

Just because the DVA is top-heavy with doctors, lawyers, scientists, generals and the like, doesn’t mean there is a shred of common sense [or common decency] in them. That, of course, would be expecting too much.


On another note, the estimated $4+ billion of waste by the GSA and other Federal agencies on trips, awards, YouTube competitions, hot tubs, and the Federal Government version of America’s Got Talent shows, would be more than enough to pay for the Agent Orange Equity Act of 2011, expanded version, for more than ten years…not that any of us will be around in ten years…


 Finally, there is this:

A veteran is someone who, at one point, wrote a blank check made payable to 'The United States of America for an amount of up to and including their life.

Why is this concept only known to and understood by Veterans, troops, and their families?


”It is a stain on this nation's honor that the Department of Veterans Affairs has become a deadlier and more difficult adversary to the American veteran than any they have ever faced on a battlefield."-- VNVets

"The concept that Agent Orange, and its effects, stopped dead in its tracks at the shoreline is simply too illogical, and too ludicrous to accept. What does that say about the Obama Administration and his Department of Veterans Affairs?"--VNVets

"With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan--to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations." --President Abraham Lincoln

"It follows then as certain as that night succeeds the day, that without a decisive naval force we can do nothing definitive, and with it, everything honorable and glorious."--President George Washington

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