Tuesday, January 24, 2012

VASVW set to start House of Reps Campaign

The Veterans Association of Sailors of the Vietnam War [VASVW] is set to begin its member mailing campaign to members of Congress.

Each member gets a personalized letter to their specific Representative, on VASVW stationery to print, fax and then mail to his or her US Representative. The letter is asking the Representative to support HR 3612, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2011.  Included in the email is contact information including mailing address, and DC fax number of that member's Representative. The member is then asked to fax the letter to his or her Representative, and then physically mail it.

Members are also urged to contact their Representative's local office to arrange a meeting with their Representative, and/or to have one of VASVW's Legislative Advocates meet with the Representative and staff at their DC office.

Upon completion of the campaign in the House of Representatives, we will begin another campaign in the Senate that works the same way.

There is strength in numbers. Why not join the 400 members of VASVW today, and add your voice to the member's messages to Congress?

Click here to register to join today. 

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  1. Anonymous18:01

    I note that HR3612 states it is retroactive to 1985. Does this mean that the DVA will have to pay claims submitted (that qualify under the new bill) between then and now? The law requires them to pay back compensation from the date the clain is first submitted.

  2. That date is used to amend the original AO Act of 1991 which went back to 1985 for claims. So, if you have a claim that goes back that far, yoou may get a maximum payment, but yes, it does go back. For some diseases the claim date will be extended back an additional year prior to the actual claim date. Diabetes Mellitus II is one of those.