Thursday, July 21, 2011

Great Work! Success in the Senate!

Many thanks to all who contacted their Senators over the past 48 hours. There was success garnered from that effort, led by our friends at the Fleet Reserve Association and the Veterans of Foreign Wars [Where, oh where, was VVA on this?].

Yesterday, a motion to table the amendment won in the Senate 69-30 with one member not voting.

Go to this Senate Roll-Call page to see who voted for the motion to table and who voted against it. Keep that in mind come election time.

In the meantime, work on those Senators who voted against the motion to table. They must be educated. Call, write, fax. Get to them and let them know what they did wrong and why, and warn them they need to show a different side to get reelected.

Tabled means the bill is effectively dead...for the moment. A motion to pick it up can be passed at any time. That would be unusual, but not unheard of. So be vigilant. Keep those old Mark I A1 eyeballs peeled back for this one, or others like it.

Great work folks! Bravo Zulu!


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  1. Anonymous00:04

    Kind of surprised to see Jim Webb supporting us on this one.,,.,

  2. Likely out of self interest, he might have lost his benefits.