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An Editorial from Veterans-For-Change Founder Jim Davis

The following is the lead editorial in the weekly Veterans-For-Change newsletter that arrived in my mailbox on July 1. We think it is important that you read this. 

It is hereby reproduced with the permission of the author, Jim Davis:



Over this past week I’m sure many of you have seen where there was a VAIG Report released showing some 280+ cases of sexual assault in VA Clinics and facilities nationwide.

These are only the cases reported, and most sexual assaults go unreported, but what has or will the VA do?

I’ve looked, searched, made calls and asked questions, but there seems to be no charges are being filed against any of these individuals, why? Is this the same type of government cover-up we’re all accustomed to?

Then we have the Houston National Cemetery who has just popped into the spotlight the last few days and their Director who seems to have an agenda of her own on banning the following:

· VA Forbids Mention of God at Funerals for Veterans and Requires Families to Submit Prayer for Approval to the Government

· VA instructs the VFW and a Private Funeral Home that they may not present the option of prayer to families

· VA Tells Volunteers to Remove "God Bless" from Condolence Cards to Grieving Families

· VA Closes Cemetery Chapel; Uses it for Storage

How is this honoring those who served this great nation of ours and given their lives in service to our country? Where is the Veteran Community outrage?

You served your country with dignity, honor and pride, you’ve earned your benefits, care and a final resting place, but we continually allow Congress, the DoD and the VA to treat Veterans worse than second class citizens.

To continually deny you benefits and medical care or to slowly strip you of earned benefits and care, hike the Tricare premiums, yet we can send billions of dollars in aid to foreign countries who for the most part are against the United States.

We have over 100,000 homeless Veterans across the country, and I’m sure you’ve seen where the ACLU has filed a class action lawsuit again the West Los Angeles VA for not providing the care, benefits and housing for the homeless Veterans.

There are at least 12 buildings that have sat vacant for more than 25 years on VA Land, they’ve known of the homeless situation there for decades and chose to ignore it! Why? Did they think it would go away all on its own? It won’t!

Now they have a “Master Plan”, but the problem is it only involves one building, but no way to fund the renovation to make it useable for Homeless Veterans which means they have no plan at all, yet Secretary Shinseki has vowed to end homelessness among Veterans by 2015. I wonder how he plans this grand plan if VAMC’s are allowed to lease out land to private entities and elitists.

Veterans-For-Change brought on a whole new program in September 2010 called the Homeless Heroes Project. With that came the Homeless Backpack program which was launched in December 2010 with 100 backpacks being distributed.

This year the goal is 300+ which would cover both Los Angeles and Orange Counties and our major sponsor this year is Southern California Gas Company and a strong supporter, the Garden Grove Police Department. And just in the past few days the Long Beach Health and Human Services has pledged to come on board with distribution through their homeless outreach program.

I’ve personally sent out many letters to local VFW Posts and American Legion Posts in Garden Grove, Anaheim, Buena Park, Santa Ana, Orange, Westminster, Midway City and am waiting to hear back from these various posts.

So as we say in all our newsletters, “If Veterans don’t help Veterans, who will?”

All across the country thousands of Veterans are either on the verge of ending up on the street or are there now and through no fault of their own. So, if we can’t help them who will?

I was told by one Veteran I was working with that I had provided local resources to with telephone numbers and when I checked with that Veteran a few days later I was told one of our Nationally Chartered Veteran Service Organizations said he didn’t qualify.

A single parent with three children living with him on the verge of losing everything and excuse me, he didn’t qualify?

So again I ask, if Veterans can’t help Veterans, who will?

My best regard and respect to you all, and thank you for your service to our Country!

Jim Davis

Founder & CEO


Thank you Jim. As usual, a fine job of identifying the problems and clarifying the issues.

Please visit Veterans-For-Change at:

A worthy group for any and all Veterans to join and support.


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  1. CanberraCAG26668@hushmail.com22:23

    Hello to all my fellow Vet - Brothers (and Sisters). I'm nearly 65, a Navy Vet and still working though soon hope to be retiring. I usually don't voice my opinion but this article about "OUR GOVERNMENT; The Huston National Cemetery Director" really has me fired up! Our Country; the "United States" was created "ONE NATION UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY & JUSTICE FOR ALL" by our forefathers. I think this Director (and all Government Officials) should be made to "PLEDGE ALLEGANCE TO THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and remember where in this world they live! If they refuse they shouldn't be employed by "OUR" government or receive any of the benefits of living in "THE LAND OF THE FREE & HOME OF THE BRAVE"! Let them choose a country that suites them and deport them at their own expense!