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Please pay attention to this very carefully. Survival is of paramount importance. Many of you are in a tight spot financially, some more than others.

I have recommended on more than one occasion that you get to your local Social Security office and file a joint application for Social Security Disability Insurance [SSDI] and Supplemental Security Income [SSI].

The application will be processed and, if eligible, you will get one or the other, not both, but it will be the one that maximizes your benefit.

If you worked, but can no longer work, and you paid into Social Security, the money you receive will likely be SSDI, and it can be a great blessing. In fact, it is YOUR money, so go for it. You will be eligible after a short time for Medicare parts A [hospitalization with co-pays and deductibles] and B [doctors visits].

If you did not work, or did not pay into Social Security you will likely receive SSI. This is usually a lesser amount than SSDI. In most states, SSI will also provide you with Medicaid, and it usually means full medical, dental, hospitalization and prescription coverage. You will not be required to give up your Veterans Pension to receive this benefit. SSI is not considered countable income against your Veterans Pension.

If you are 62 or older you may be eligible to collect your Social Security retirement benefits.

In any case, if you cannot collect any of these, then swallow your pride [which you can't eat] and go to your local Welfare office and apply for Cash, Food Stamps and Medical Benefits. Not all states have all three benefits. They will, however, allow you to survive on enough cash and food stamps to eat decently, and to have at least some of your Medical bills covered, usually all of them.

At the very least, you are likely eligible for Food Stamps. Take advantage of them. You paid your taxes, now reclaim some of them.

And, VERY IMPORTANT, do not forget to apply for these benefits for your wife as well. Include her on the applications. If she spent her life as a housewife, she will likely be eligible for SSI. If she worked more than a few years, she will be eligible for SSDI or SS Retirement depending on her age.

One last thing: most of us qualify for classification as "low income". There is a Federal Program called Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. You may apply any time from December to March or April for help with your heating bills.

Your local County Welfare Office will also help you apply for Social Security Benefits and usually is where the LIHEAP Program is run.

Now, if you are receiving any service connected disability compensation from the VA, you can also receive SSDI or SSI, or any retirement pension including Social Security. You may also be eligible for Food Stamps and some Medicaid Coverage depending on your income level.

Medicare is the Federal Medical insurance program associated with Social Security benefits [SS Retirement, SSDI, SSI, or Railroad Retirement].

Medicaid is medical coverage administered by state Welfare Agencies [usually county offices] using a combination of Federal and State funding.

Simply put, you cannot afford to ignore these potential benefits. Go apply. Get yourself and your wife some money that you are entitled to, and some medical coverage.

Note: Federal law prohibits the counting of the value of your home and one vehicle against these benefits. You cannot lose your home by applying for and receiving any of the benefits mentioned.


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