Thursday, January 27, 2011

Major Victory for Korea DMZ Vets

Just about two years ago we published an entry here about the Army troops that served on or near the Korean DMZ during the Vietnam Era.

ATTN Army Korean DMZ Vets from 1967-71

In the entry from January 24, 2009, we discussed the disparity in Title 38 language granting exposure to the children of Veterans who served at or near the Korean DMZ between September, 1967 and August 1971, and the Vets themselves who were limited to the period April, 1968-July, 1969. It made no sense to say that a child was qualified under presumed exposure to his Veteran father or mother, who was serving in the Army on Korean DMZ duty, was eligible over a four year period but the Veteran himself was eligible only during a 15 month period. Exposure is exposure. We recommended all Korean DMZ vets of that era file claims immediately if they served at any time during that expanded time frame on or near the Korean DMZ.

Yesterday, the VA announced a new final rule on eligibility for presumptive exposure to herbicides for those Veterans who did DMZ duty in Korea. While it is short eight months it is a major advance for the Veterans. Here is the applicable paragraph from the DVA Press Release:

Under the final regulation published today in the Federal Register, VA will presume herbicide exposure for any Veteran who served between April 1, 1968, and Aug. 31, 1971, in a unit determined by VA and the Department of Defense (DoD) to have operated in an area in or near the Korean DMZ in which herbicides were applied.

Korean DMZ Veterans of the 1968-1971 era should press their claims now.

Sometimes, the DVA does the right thing, although all-too-often belatedly.

A note to all Veterans: This is one more monster knocked to the ground among the many that the DVA [and Congress] has erected in our path to rightfully earned benefits.

We intend to knock a good many more down.

One way you can help is to join VASVW. The Veterans Association of Sailors of the Vietnam War is committed to the restoration of benefits to Veterans of the Blue Water Navy, Blue Sky Air Force, and those who served in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia [TLC]. Those benefits were part of the original Agent Orange Act of 1991 and the DVA removed those groups from eligibility without public notice and without prompting from Congress. Come join us and help us right a wrong. Additionally, we advocate a separate piece of legislation for any Veteran who served anywhere in the world during the Vietnam Era, where herbicides were used, stored, or trans-shipped.

Join us at VASVW

Membership is and always will be free, and is open to all Veterans and Veterans advocates alike.

Welcome home Army Vets!


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  1. Anonymous23:02

    Hardly anyone cares anymore.....

  2. That's a pretty stupid statement.

    I care. And I know an awful lot of people who care. Indeed, if everyone in this country were aware of this and other Veterans issues, I guarantee that those iussues would be positively resolved in short order.

    Now, if you want to tell me the Media doesn't care, go ahead.