Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big News from Chairman Bob Filner!

A recent effort by members of VASVW and BWNVVA has resulted in agreement with Bob Filner, Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs to hold hearings on the Agent Orange Equity Act [HR 2254] in early May. A visit by John Wells and Michael Teany on Friday was successful in obtaining this movement.

Here is John Wells' thank you letter to Chairman Filner:

Hon. Bob Filner
Member of Congress
2428 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congressman Filner:

I wanted to thank you again for seeing Mike Teaney and I last Friday concerning HR 2254. As you know, I have been active with both groups supporting this legislation, the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans and the Veterans Association of Sailors of the Vietnam War. I have advised both groups of your decision to hold hearings on the bill in early May and as you can imagine they are overjoyed. I will work on behalf of both organizations with Talib Karim to make these hearings a reality.

Words are inadequate to describe our appreciation for your efforts on behalf of the Navy veterans exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. You have been untiring in your support. Too often our veterans, many of them ill or disabled, are allowed to become lost in the bureaucracy. With your support, however, we stand at the cusp of being able to rescue a substantial portion of these veterans and provide them with necessary health care and benefits.

Navy veterans everywhere salute your efforts and will keep you in our prayers as we move forward with this life saving legislation. We certainly could not ask for a better friend in Congress. I look forward to seeing you again at the hearings in May.


John B. Wells

Great work, John!

All Blue Water Navy, Blue Sky Air Force, and TLC Veterans owe a debt of gratitude to Chairman Filner for his work on our behalf, and to John Wells and Michael Teaney, for their efforts and to Denise Ross who made the appointment happen on very short notice.


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