Monday, April 06, 2009

Go Get that Congressional Support!

Congress is in its Easter Recess [no separation of Church and State there, eh?], so here is a two week window to get to your Representative and your Senators and get their agreement to cosponsor the Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009!

Hit them at their offices, go see them where they are scheduled to speak! Talk to their staffers and find out how to get to them, and get an appointment. It only takes about 5-10 minutes out of their schedule to get their support.

You have until April 21st when they return to work, though they are due back on the 20th. Imagine your Senator after returning to DC from a meeting with you. On the 20th he does catch-up work in his office, and schedules a few golf outings with lobbyists. But one of the first things he does is consult with his Chief of Staff and tell him to be on the lookout for the Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009, so he can cosponsor.

That is the kind of effective work we are looking for from all of you. That, and spreading the word as much as poossible, to family, and friends, so that they may do the same work you are on behalf of the Agent Orange Equity Act of 2009.

Turn to, Sailors!


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  1. Anonymous15:50

    And this bill is due when???

  2. Hopefully by the end of the month. If not...we;ll have much to say about that.