Sunday, March 08, 2009

Important Message about Asbestos

I don't know about you, but one of my less fond memories was having to sweep out my rack before getting into it. I never slept so well as I did when we were at sea, but that top bunk, under all the pipes and conduits, many wrapped with asbestos jacketing for insulation purposes, were prime sources of dirt in the bunk.

I always wondered why about six years after getting home, I could not pass a Red Cross Life Saving course because I could not complete the swimming was too far. And playing softball, or football, I could still run for speed, but at the end, I'd be doubled over, gasping for breath.

Now, when I look back on it, the presence of asbestos, [and fiberglass particles from other insulating situations], could certainly have had an effect on my breathing on exertion.

Please take note of the new logo at the top right of the page. is a major resource for anyone who served in the Navy back when asbestos was used on the ships, or who may have been exposed since then. The site has some great resources, including lists of older ships that have apparently been verified to have had asbestos in sufficient quantities to have affected some who served on them. It wasn't just used in Engineering spaces, either, despite what the DVA claims.

My ship was a FRAM Mk I Gearing Class destroyer, which I joined at the end of the FRAM project. When we came home from Vietnam two years later, we still had asbestos insulation on pipes in the overheads throughout the ship.

If you have asbestosis, mesothelioma, or undiagnosed lung/breathing trouble, please do your self and your loved ones a huge favor and visit Click on the logo at the top right of the page and explore their site.


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  1. I remember seeing something on this in a search engine I found on Snakecharmer's site called It has lots of results if you use the terms Asbestos Navy. I just did a fast search and lots of info from the Navy Asbestos Medical Surveillance.