Sunday, January 04, 2009

Urgent Special Request for NHL Claimants

Folks, we are hearing very disturbing news from some VA Regional Offices [VAROs] that they are ignoring the September, 2008 directive of Admiral Dunne, the Under Secreteary of Veterans Affairs for Benefits, mandating prompt action on claims for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

We need to gather evidence here so we can go to Admiral Dunne with proof that his directive is being ignored.

If you have a claim with the DVA for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and it is being held under the Haas stay, please contactact me ASAP with the following details:

Your Name, your claim number, the VARO that is refusing to pull your case from the Haas stay for processing. Please contact me using this link: "Email Me" and send only your name and your email address. For security reasons I will send you a different email address for you to send the requested information. [This is to protect your information. I will be the only person to see the information until contact is made with the Undersecretary's office, and the information will then be given to him to act upon.] We need specific information so he can act swiftly to uncork those cases. Should we fail to get prompt action from the Undersecretary, we will proceed to contact Chairman Bob Filner of the House Committee on veterans affairs and the Sub Committee on Memorials and Veterans Health Chairman, John Hall.


Also: We need you to spread the word, also and have any of your buddies who are in the same boat come here and contact us with information. The more cases we have the better we can zero in on which VAROs are guilty of disobeying a directive.


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