Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Model Letter and an Urgent Request!

Here is a sample letter written by one of our VASVW members and sent to Chairman Filner and Congressman Hall. We reproduce it here as an example of a finely crafted letter that can be used as a model for your own letter.

Honorable Congressman Bob Filner
Chairman House Committee on Veteran Affairs
335 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Re: HR 6562

Dear Sir:

I am a Blue Water Vietnam Veteran serving my tour of duty with RVAH-1 attached to Carrier Air Group 3 onboard the USS Saratoga 1972-73. I come from a family of 6 boys and 2 girls. All six of us boys have served in the Armed Forces with me and an older brother serving in Vietnam. Him in the Army, me in the Navy. Out of the six my older brother and I myself suffer from Type II Diabetes. There is no history in my family of Type II Diabetes other than my brother and I. My brother receives a service connected disability for his Type II Diabetes, I don’t. The math is easy on this one!

Furthermore I am the single dad of a 12 year old son with a disability and struggle everyday with the hurdles life throws our way. I used to be a gung ho patriot and supporter of our Armed Forces but that seems to have diminished as I feel so forsaken by the Veterans Administration and my plight for benefits.

Each time I recall washing the green tree stains from the aircraft after low level strafing runs or put on a uniform and devoured substance that had been exposed to contaminated water I wonder why I served so proudly.

I write you in hopes of urging you to get HR 6562 passed this term and then float a new bill to cover everyone else. Sir I need this not for principle but a matter of survival.

Your utmost attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Cc: Congressman John H. Hall, NY
Folks, time is running out. Get those letters faxed to FIlner and Hall ASAP!

We will be in Washington next week banging on the doors of Congress. The bill has to come out of committee next week and go for a floor vote. Same in the Senate. It has to be introduced in the Senate yet, however.

This is very urgent!

Once again, please contact us using the "Email Me" link on the left sidebar with the name of the Representative or Senator that you contacted who pledged to co-sponsor HR 6562 in the House or the Senate. We do not need to waste time on those CongressCritters who will co-sponsor, we need to concentrate on those who have not! Please do this ASAP!
Thank you!

Remember to check out the VASVW at Yahoo Groups and join today. It is free! IT is not restricted to Navy, but includes Vets from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Coast Guard, Fleet Marine, and Air Force Vietnam Veterans. Look for the Ship's Wheel logo on the left sidebar!

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