Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Important Update on NHL Claims!

We received this message on a comment to an older post and thought it of sufficient importance to bring it to your attention. The information comes from Terry Fithian over at the BWN Forum.

Here is what Terry has so kindly shared with us for publication:

The following is very important and should be brought to everyones attention on the board.

The result of taking my case to the U.S. Court of Appeals is as follows and I will quote straight from the legal papers submitted to the court.

"According to personnel with the Compensation and Pension service, a statement will be made for the field offices on the next Veterans Service Center Managers conference call explaining that any claim for NHL from a Vietnam Veteran should be developed and evaluated under 38CFR 3.313 and Should not fall under the HAAS case stay."

What this means is that any Veteran with a claim for NHL currently should go to their RO and have their case pulled and have them start to evaluate it.

This order is dated July 23, 2008 and signed by Brian P Tierney Office of the General Counsel. Please make sure that every sees this so that they can start the process rolling.

Thanks, Terry. This will be a great help to our readers who are suffering from NHL.


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