Sunday, August 10, 2008

Filner to include TLC Vets in HR 6562

This is news that will set an awful lot of minds to rest. We have received a copy of a letter to an Air Force Veteran who was stationed in Thailand during the Vietnam War. The letter is from Congressman Bob Filner, Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, and author of the Agent Orange Equity Act of 2008, HR 6562. The Air Force Veteran has kindly consented to allow us to publish an excerpt of the letter.

We'll let you read it in Chairman Filner's words. Here is the relevant passage:

"I believe that all veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange, and who developed illnesses as a result of that exposure, deserve to receive disability benefits and compensation for their sacrifice. As you are aware, recently I introduced the Agent Orange Equity Act, H.R. 6562, which would expand the eligibility for presumptive conditions to all combat [veterans] regardless of where they served in Vietnam. Additionally, I also intend to include veterans that were exposed to Agent Orange in neighboring countries as well as this bill moves forward. If this bill passes through Congress and the President signs it into law, it would ultimately allow all combat veterans exposed to Agent Orange to get their just and equitable compensation."
Yes, you read that right. TLC Veterans will be included in HR 6562, the Agent Orange Equity Act of 2008, as that is Filner's intent. So, if you served in Thailand, Laos, or Cambodia [TLC], you will be included in HR 6562, along with the Blue Sky Air Force, and Blue Water Navy Veterans.

We will of course keep you posted on any further details on HR 6562 as they occur.

In addition to being great news for the TLC Veterans, this is great news for the Blue Water and Blue Sky Veterans as well, as this will hopefully swell the ranks of people pounding on the doors of their Congressmen and Senators in the next two weeks, while they are home, to get this bill, HR 6562, moving as soon as they go back to Congress in early September!

Our thanks go to John K. for sharing this with us, and allowing us to publish the information.

For once we can begin to believe there is light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't an oncoming train!


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