Thursday, July 24, 2008

Now Hear This! If your claim is in Haas Stay...

Folks, I cannot begin to tell you how many Vets have contacted me to say something like this:

I, for one, plan to make sure my claim (Diabetes, Prostate Cancer) is up-to-date and that I have all the supporting documentation I need (or MAY need). In the event the DVA tries to throw any crap about "inside the 12-mile limit" (as if NGFS could be performed any further out from a DD) I have log entries showing times the ship actually was inport at Vung Tau, Cam Rhan Bay, and Danang. I'd advise everyone else who has a claim in to do the same. If you don't have a claim in........I'd say "get hot!"

If you are in a similar situation, that is, you have a claim pending and likely held under the Haas stay, but your ship visited ports in Vietnam, anchored in bays, harbors, or estuaries, or went up rivers, you must take immediate action!

You must get your Veterans Service Officer, to IMMEDIATELY contact your VARO [VA Regional Office] and have them pull your claim and process it immediately! Your claim does NOT qualify for the Haas stay and the VA is screwing you. If necessary, have your VSO contact their organization's state HQ to get funding, or a staff attorney to file a writ of mandamus to get the VA moving on your claim.


Turn to, men! You should not have to wait any longer than necessary, and besides, we need to get your claims processed and out of the way before HR 6562 is enacted so the VA will get to our claims sooner!

Good luck sailors!


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