Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Where did my comment go?, the outfit that runs the public comment system for the Federal Government has a major problem, one of Mongolian proportions!

We made a comment on June 12. That comment has yet to appear, in spite of a receipt number for making the comment.

UPDATE: We have received notice just moments ago- 0800 Eastern -- that has posted 30 some comments, and 10-15 attachments [posting date June 18], including ours. None of the comments posted yesterday [apparently] were marked with the commenter's name. This appears to have begun after mid-May. [Update made at 0815 Thursday 19 June 2008].

We received notice of comments made on June 13, and those comments did not include ours.

We also note that all comments made after May 16 were made without publicizing the names of those who made the comments.

We searched for a record of our comment using the receipt number and were directed to some Aviation comments and proposed rules. Our comment was not there. We have double checked to make sure that the comment was made in the correct location, that is, for the proposed change of the definition of "Service in Vietnam" by the DVA. It has simply vanished. And the comment period closed on June 16, before the end of the day.

We received the last notification of new comments on June 13, two days after the one on June 11. We have not received any further notifications.

We have made two requests via the help desk to find our comment, and have been met with a stony silence. Suddenly the helpdesk isn't so the Veterans.

Frankly, there is too much wrong here. It should be obvious by now that someone is tampering with the public comment system. The obvious suspect would be the Department of Veterans Affairs. Obviously, they received too many well formed comments, that had more logic than anyone in VA HQ had ever seen before, and provided more scientific and legal evidence against their proposed rule that they decided to cut the comment period off hours early, and to "lose" many of the comments that were posted, and to make it so difficult with system outages, breakdowns, and, of course, the dropping of names, that it made the entire process of tracking comments nearly impossible.

We have filed a complaint with the U.S. Attorney General's Office of the Inspector General [who handles Civil Rights violations] of these events and our suspicions. As a courtesy, we have also notified the head of [], and The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and of course, the Secretary of the DVA, Peake.

We'll also be notifying our media contacts as well.

Meanwhile, of the 31 respondents to our current poll on problems with commenting, who did make or try to make a comment online, 77% did have problems.

The Poll still has a few days to run, so if you have tried to post a comment with the Feds, and have not participated in our poll yet, please do while it is still running.


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