Sunday, June 15, 2008

Is the DVA Censoring Comments?

Making Public Comments is generally tough enough without something going wrong in the Internet Process.

Suddenly, comments made on one day take four to five days to appear, if they appear at all, while other comments made the same day appear almost immediately.

Suddenly, names are being removed from the headers on the list, making it next to impossible to find a specific comment.

Suddenly, the sortable list of comments when done chronologically does not place the list in chronological order.

Frequently, the buttons to be selected when publishing a comment simply do not work.

The Public Comments website is run by, which is the main portal to the United States government online, and is run by the General Services Administration.

Normally we would say it is highly unlikely that the DVA would be tinkering with the Public Comment board, but these are very strange times, and we would put nothing out of reach of the DVA and the current Administration. We've seen their tactics, and their lies.

We do not think this is the case, and pray that it is not. However, we do not recall hearing complaints about posting public comments, or not seeing the names of the commenters on the list when commenting early last winter on the M21-1 Manual Recission.

That could have shown the DVA what to expect this time when trying to change the definition of "service in Vietnam" for the Agent Orange Act of 1991. Hence, in their fear of the onslaught of negative comments, many of which contain positive evidence to show their interpretation is wrong, they may very well be tinkering with the comment board.

It is simply too much of a coincidence that such problems are occurring on this particular proposed change.

Stay tuned on this one, boys and girls. We may wind up demanding an extension to the period of public comment because of all the difficulties encountered.

Please respond to our new poll about your experiences with the public comment period, based on the problems listed above. Thank you!

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  1. Most of us are aware of how large businesses and some governmental entities work."Keep a FALL GUY handy".These expendable individuals can knowingly be hired and placed in positions that have the potential to act in the greater good of the DVA.The DVA merely needs to feel them out in their hiring processes to figure out who to place in what position.Keeping these "Suck Monkeys"in the positions they work best at until they are caught Red Handed.It is easy to set any one up so that when caught the real offending perpetrators can still remain behind the scene to continue their self serving interest.There also has to be the opportunity for some of these"Suck Monkeys"to go out on their own limb without the authority of their bosses.Who will know????