Friday, February 08, 2008

Message from Rick at NVLSP

Rick Spataro, the staff attorney from the National Veterans Legal Services Program [NVLSP], has asked us to forward his thanks to those who responded to his call for help we posted two weeks ago.

Please, do not forward any more comment material to NVLSP unless they put out another call for material.

Here is what Rick sent as a summary of the NVLSP comment:
Their declarations provided the evidence we needed to establish a small, but extremely important point in our comment opposing the VA’s proposed rescission of M21-1 provisions related to herbicide exposure based on receipt of the Vietnam Service Medal. For those who weren’t exactly sure about why we needed the declarations, here is a brief explanation:

Entities within the Australian government conducted a study a few years ago that suggests that personnel on board Australian ships offshore Vietnam “were exposed to biologically significant quantities of dioxins” by drinking water produced from evaporative distillation of surrounding waters. The study observed that “evaporative distillation of water does not remove but rather enriches certain contaminants such as dioxins (Agent Orange) in drinking water.” In order to show that this studies findings were also relevant to personnel who served on U.S. ships, we needed to show that U.S. and Australian ships produced drinking water by the same means – namely a distillation process in which sea water was fed into an evaporator where the water was boiled by a combination of heating and reduced pressure, then the vapor was condensed and pumped into feed tanks. Although this is common knowledge among Navy personnel, I was having a difficult time finding citable documents to establish this fact. The declarations from your readers and other Navy veterans provided evidence of this fact.

It would be extremely difficult to summarize the comment we submitted to the VA in laymen’s terms, but you can feel free to post it in its entirety, minus the attachment of declarations and emails. Note that we did not need to use all of the declarations and emails we received, but did attach a number of them to our comment (see footnote 11 of the comment).

Thanks again!


Richard V. Spataro

Staff Attorney
National Veterans Legal Services Program
Well, we won't post the document here, but you can read the NVLSP Comment on the M21-1 Manual Recission at the Blue Water Navy website [click here].

Our thanks to Rick and the other fine staff at NVLSP for all the hard and most excellent work they've been doing on the Haas case. We are proud to have been of service to them, and we profoundly thank those who were able to respond to the call for evidence and testimony.

What a wonderful group of people these Blue Water Sailors are! And add the NVLSP to that, too!


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