Friday, April 27, 2007

Details on Denver VA Hospital Deal

Just a short update to get this information to you readers. For those curious about the highly questionable deal going down on the Denver Veterans Hospital, please visit this link. The report there is well done, and lays out the numbers in far greater detail than I have done.

This link has also been added to the sidebar under LINKS as "The Denver VA Hospital Blunder".

I won't tell you to enjoy it, because it is pretty revolting how the government can enrich some fat cat developer but can't seem to find the money to pay us Blue Water Sailors.

No hypocrisy there, eh? No, not much.

Please note that Secretary Nicholson just sent out an announcement recently bragging about how he worked hard to put this deal together.

We'll just bet he did.

Perhaps sending a link to the article to your Congressman might be in order.

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